Seeds and Weeds


Poetry and Prose by JJ Johnson





Seeds and Weeds

"3 Seeds"

Young ones look up to us with learning eyes each day as they grow
Teach your children how to feel and everything that you know
About love and self-esteem and what you reap you sow
Parents who express no love raise their children down so low

Once planted in a heart, the seeds of hatred sprout then grow
Pride injects a high, like drugs, through veins where it can flow
To desire more, then crash from withdrawal addicts come to know
Three seeds of prejudice raise your spirit down so low

From the depths once descended exploring new levels to exceed
Is there nowhere inside their souls unconsumed by material need?
Hypocrites utter deception, telling half-truths designed to mislead
Said so many times even they believe in the lies that plant the seed

Corporate owners seem to have forgotten the slaves were freed
Robbing retirement funds to stuff their overwhelming greed
Keeping down the poor to maintain their status among the richest breed
Who refuse to admit the pecuniary progress they impede

Zealots point fingers and label “immoral”, hearts that bleed
And proclaim God as a charter member of their creed
They hunger for power over fearful faithful they can lead
With a grip on their flock that strangles credence like a weed

Cowled cowards twisting scripture till they feel sanctified
Planting the tree grown for the cross, burned to become purified
But there’s another fire eager to see how far down they can slide
Where the fallen one would rise to lead them to unholy deicide

Seduced by fear, bathed in greed and gorged the flesh with pride
Will they embrace all three until they’ve cast their souls aside?
Will God look back from the end of man and see the hate of genocide?
The first thing God did not create, the only thing that never died

The rainbow in their love filled lives kept them on the outside
Don’t ask, don’t tell the truth, there are rules to abide
Homophobia in fox holes is not morally justified
Love feels no conflicting virtues that ever could collide

Weak hearts are overcome when they feel a darkness drawing near
Listening to the movement beating war drums within each ear
Quiet those thoughts and open the mind to a silence all can hear
Look inside the heart for the courage to quell this secret fear

Eyes held closed to painful sights shed not a single tear
When they open up their eyes the truth becomes so clear
Mesmerized by powerphiles like headlights to a deer
In darkness till they will admit every human is their peer

Search within thick forests for three seeds that grew three shady trees
Knock on their wood to hear three names carried on the breeze
Listen for the quiver of terror, glory and desire shaking in the greener leaves
See their young saplings and perceive the grand design that hatred weaves

Time marches ever onward forming new circles in the wood
Branching out lines surrounding rings where only one once stood
Lines drawn in circles that separate where colors never could
While one more family tree draws cryptic bloodlines in the hood

The high and mighty tree grows taller with each passing year
The weight of its own branches make it hard to persevere
Until its hollow trunk caves in to make way for freedoms true frontier
The first steps toward the promised land must begin right here

(3 Seeds: 05/12/2003)
JJ Johnson

"How Far We Have Not Come"

Five months and fifty years I have breathed the air of freedom
Behind my shroud of white comfort and grade

With all our laws of equal rights and equal pay
And actions to affirm that we mean what we say

With Supreme Court decisions we can always make undone
Another man declared “just look how far that we have come”

What a joke the trembling words of ignorance!
When the lines become blurred between hatred and romance

Stay sick when you’re unwell, then die and go to Hell
And if you’re in the mood to buy I got a bridge I wanna sell

We need more cash to finish the fence along the porous south
While we cut out stamped assistance to feed your hungry mouths

Cut back money to public schools where learning is sedated
To keep OUR growing minds more highly educated

We still have jobs for you that no one else will do
Found clever ways to pay you less than a minimum living wage

Taking kickbacks from plastic cards instead of cash or checks
That charge you if you spend and charge you more to save

We found more ways to make a profit from all the choices that we gave
‘Cos if we cannot own you, we’ll still work you like a slave

We’ll watch our hood for hoodlums out for an evening walk
And stand our ground against snacking hoodies that we stalk

Or stop and frisk everyone we profile as suspicious
But keep them at a distance in case their color is contagious

We’ll power up the House to defund head-start for underprivileged youth
Then we’ll pass eleven laws to make sure that you still lose

Just like the right to vote you were never supposed to use
‘Cos time has surely eliminated those who discriminated

So said MOST of the Supreme Pawns who were selected
Through haughty high-strung puppets we elected

Who in hatred and in-justice were truly deaf and dumb
Yet clearly I can see how far we have not come

(How Far We Have Not Come: 08/23/2013)
JJ Johnson


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Seeds and Weeds was first published in 2006 but has been updted to include poems written through September 2013 with bonus poems at the end of the book.

Passion & Pain was first published in 2011 and has been updated through September of 2012 with bonus poems.

Life has its seeds and weeds. Plant and cultivate as best you can, pull up the weeds and get them at the root. Don't mistake kindness for weekness and remember that nice guys don't finish last, we just want to be sure no one gets left behind!


Joseph Johnson

Created On: 12/06/2012



    Seeds And Weeds is a philosophically expressive compilation of poetry and prose, offering progressive views on politics, peace, nature, fate, faith, family, friendship, introspection, and poetic inspiration. Seeds and Weeds is more than simply a collection of verse with splashes of imagery, this book challenges the mind and heart to find a better way through observations and feelings on the rise and fall of character, creatively expressed in rhyme and reason.


"Seeds and Weeds" by chapter

Chapter 1: Pride & Prejudice

1: Pride Is One Seed: 12
2: Seeds & Weeds (prose): 13
3: 3 Seeds: 14-15
4: 4th Independence: 16
5: Matthew 5:5 : 17
6: Segregation: 18-19
7: Separation: 20
8: Where Will You Aim Your Hate?: 21
9: The Hidden Foe: 22
10: Someone There Is: 23
11: NYS OCFS Graduation Speech, 12/10/99 : 24-25
12: The Boyz At Tryon: 26

Chapters 2: Mother Natures Sun

13: Warmth from the Heart of Mankind: 27
14: Mother oh Mother: 28
15: He Who Laughs Last Will Be A Fertile, Mutant Cckrch: 29
16: Sleep (Hiding From The Touch Of Death): 30
17: Leaves: 31
18: Inner Eclipse: 32
19: Full Womb Crescent Moon: 33
20: Moon & River: 34
21: Desire To Fly: 35

Chapter 3: Dysfunctionality & Family

22: A Ray Of Sun From A Pot Of Gold: 37
23: Ro-Ro Rows Her Boat: 38
24: Even The Best Of Us: 40-41
25: This Quiet Cemetery: 42
26: The Task Undone: 43
27: Quarter-Life Crisis: 44
28: The Family Way: 45
29: Eulogy for My Father: 46
30: RIP Mom: 47

Chapter 4: Introspection

31: Life Is An Ocean: 49
32: Every Eden Has Its Apples: 50
33: Blind To The Me Others See: 51
34: Within Me - Beyond Me: 52
35: Uncertain to Me: 53
36: Holes In A Story: 54
37: a Self-Portrait of Holes In a Story: 55
38: Learning to Fly: 56
39: Unfade Away: 57
40: The Heros Secret: 58
41: Under The Bridge: 59
42: Walls And Bridges: 60
43: See Through Inner Eyes: 61
44: I Am: 62
45: Constant & Changing: 63
46: Two Faced: 64
47: Self Portrait: 65
48: Forgive Not Forget: 66
49: The Man I Am No One Else Knows: 67
50: Struggle Against Success: 68
51: Completion by Separation: 69

Chapter 5: Faith: Search Within & Beyond

52: Silence of The Lamb: 71
53: Great Unknown: 72
54: Pass On True Freedom: 73
55: A Question Of Faith: 74
56: Have You Heard?: 75
57: Distilled Belief: 76
58: The Weight: 77
59: Death Begins at Conception: 78
60: A Path More Traveled: 79
61: and On the Last Day: 80
62: 12/22/2012: 81
63: Velocity Rapture: 82-83
64: Faith In What I Don’t Believe: 84
65: Invisible Light: 85
66: This Dream I Dreamt Last Night: 86
67: The One On My Shoulder - Never Succumb: 87
68 : Down To Me: 88
69: No End To The Flesh: 89
70: Unwilling To Let Go: 90
71: Touch: 91

Chapter 6: Power & Peace

72: Do Not Die For Me: 93
73: God’s Children / One Family We Are: 94
74: Pride Blinds Biased Eyes: 95
75: Like Father, Like Son: 96
76: 1000 Keys: 97
77: Pay For The War: 98
78: Nation’s Pledge: 99
79: Empty Arms And Burning Flags: 100
80: Stars And Stripes: 101
81: There’s More Than One Way: 102
82: Rush To Judgment - Judgment To Rush: 103
83: American Soil: 104

Chapters 7: State Of The Artrocity

84: Artificial Artists (State Of The Art): 106-107
85: Artificial Artists (X-Reprise): 108
86: Tragedy: 109
87: Artists Are Lonely: 110
88: The Price of Poetry: 111
89: Philosophy Therefore Poetry: 112
90: A Test: 113
91: Evolution of Expression: 114-117
92: One Poem Dan: 118-120
93: Death Of A Virgin: 121
94: Nobody Becomes an Artist: 122
95: Where Is My Muse?: 123
96: Poet No More (prose): 124

Chapter 8: Against The Tides

96: Stunned At First Sight: 126
97: The Best Girl I Can See: 127
98: Bittersweet Sixteen - Alone In Her Bed: 128
99: Painfully Exciting: 129
100: Cool Summer Night: 130
101: Damned If I Do: 131
102: Two Hearts Melt Like A Box Of Chocolates OASR: 132
103: Against The Tides: 133

Chapter 9: Loose Ends

104: Knot In The Loop: 135
105: Unspoken Thirst: 136
106: Daylight’s Darkness: 137
107: Two Color Souls One Color: 138
108: Across The Miles: 139
109: Hidden Alterations: 140
110: Big Hair: 141
111: Someone’s Drowning In Your Pool: 142
112: Sunshine Smile: 143
113: Aisumasen Renee: 146

About the Author: 150
Update: 151
Index: 152-155
Prose: 5, 37, 130-131, 133-135, 144-145, 147-149, 162-163, 164, 165, 166-167

Chapter 10: bonus poems

114: Everywhere A Sign: 156
115: When I’m Sixty-Five (Social Insecurity): 157
116: Stock Room Blues: 158
117: But Does God Trust in US?: 159
118: How Far We Have Not Come: 161
119: A New Beginning: 168



Passion & Pain by chapters

Chapter 1: Back To The Egg

1: Back To The Egg: 13
2: Descent: 14
3: Surrender the Phantom: 15
4: A Grave Half-Empty: 16
5: Unloved Alone But She Loved Him: 17
6: Eleven Years Road By: 18
7: Goodbye Mr. Bear: 19
8: The Fool That Never Knowed: 20
9: Traitor in Our Midst: 21
10: Hey Joe, What Does It Mean If It Burns When I Piss?: 22
11: If Closets Could Talk: 23

Chapter 2: Broken Bonds

12: Soul Silhouette: 25
13: Where Are You Going?: 26-27
14: At The End Of Every Rainbow: 28
15: Sometimes Wishes Come True: 29
16: Eye Of The Pirate, Heart Of A Thief: 30
17: The Act No One Wants To See: 31
18: Trap-Eas-y-To-Fall-In-Two: 32
19: A Door Too Close To Closed To Adore You: 33
20: Swing Set: 34
21: What Happened To Us?: 35
22: Drive Home: 36

Chapter 3: Interlude

23: Bar Fly: 38
24: Expose Yourself: 39
25: Beyond the Mask: 40
26: In the Sky There Is No Limit: 41
27: Intercourse of Hearts: 42
28: Mutual Attraction: 43
29: Lost and Found: 44
30: Naked Passion: 45

Chapter 4: Innerlewd

31: Shadow and Bone: 47
32: Reckless Fire: 48
33: The Forest or The Trees?: 49
34: Of Feathers and Fantasy: 50
35: Crescent Blu Moon: 51
36: Fair Lucy St. Anne: 52
37: As A Matter of Fact or Fiction: 53
38: Just Say Yes: 54
39: The Difference Between Night And Day: 55
40: Fantasy Lovers: 56

Chapter 5: Lust

41: Better Left Unsaid: 58
42: Friends and Lovers: 59
43: Paradise Enough with You: 60
44: Off The Wall Lovers: 61
45: Friendship Is Fine, But....: 62
46: Whatever We Do Let’s Do It All Night Long: 63
47: Let’s Get Naughty: 64

Chapter 6: Seven-Year Obsession

48: Lisa, Should I Play Guitar?: 66
49: Lisa, You Break My Heart: 67
50: The Night Before: 68
51: I Want Into Your Heart: 69
52: Two Friends From The Past: 70
53: What’s The Point?: 71
54: Isn’t It A Shame?: 72
55: Your Loss...!: 73

Chapter 7: The Point

56: Friends We Must Be: 75
57: A Possibility: 76
58: Hold On Lisa Hold On Till Then: 77
59: Every Night: 78 - 79
60: NO ON: 80

Chapter 8: Veiled In Shadow

61: Take Away My Blue: 82
62: NY City: 83
63: Veiled Beauty: 84
64: Shadows: 85
65: What Are We Waiting For?: 86
66: Truths That I Refuse To See: 87

Chapter 9: The Dream Is Over

67: In the Night Sky: 89
68: The Unveiling: 90
69: Deja Vu - Happening All Over Again: 91
70: You’re Where I Wanna Be: 92
71: Under Waterfalls: 93
72: Finally Through: 94
73: On The Outside: 95

Chapter 10: The Recurring Curse

74: Hypnocize Me: 97
75: Booty Camp: 98
76: Loving You: 99
77: Hidden From Me: 100
78: Crossroads: 101
79: Unrequited Love: 102
80: Emptiness Within: 103

Chapter 11: After the Fall

81: A Lover’s Serenade: 105
82: The Fall: 106
83: Desire No More: 107
84: Feminine Fire: 108
85: Vegetarian Spam: 109
86: Valentine’s Day Piercing: 110

Chapter 12: Knight Fall

87: A Shadow by the Lake: 112
88: Halloween Knight: 113
89: Seasons Fall: 114 - 115
90: Does She Think Of Me?: 116
91: I Saw Your Smile Today: 117
92: Losing Perspective: 118

Chapter 13: Maggie-Margret & Heather

93: Life Long Wife: 120
94: Butterflies: 121
95: Maggie Maybe: 122
96: Warm Hands and Wet Feet: 123
97: Staying Home - New Year’s Eve: 124
98: In the Drifts: 125
99: Fool In The Rain: 126
100: Your Great Charade: 127
101: Deja Vu - Haven’t I Been Here Before?: 128

Chapter 14: Empty Nest

102: What Lies Beneath: 130
103: Never Fall To Troubles: 131
104: Lovely Lady: 132
105: Cold as Ice: 133
106: I Wish I Wasn’t Me: 134 - 135
107: What I Want, What I Need; Is It Wrong, Is It Greed?: 136
108: An Empty Room Have I: 137

Chapter 15: The Darkives

109: D-archives: 139
110: I Give Up, I Quit, Just Let Me Go: 140
111: Tired Of Life: 141
112: One Heart Too Strong To Live: 142
113: Rescued Last: 143
114: Tonight’s the Night: 144
115: What’s Living Inside Me: 145
116: Flicker: 146
117: Not For Kings: 147
118: I Want To Lie: 148
119: Just Friends: 149

Afterthought: 150
About the Author: 152
Index: 154-157

Chapter 16: Bonus Poems

120: Hiding Hollow Eyes: 158
121: After Birth: 159
122: Un-Stately Swans: 160
123: When Everyone Got Paid: 161
124: Who’s In Control Here!?: 162-163
125: Love Ain’t Free: 164
126: It’s a Dog Eat Cat World: 165
127: There is Someone Deeper than Dark: 166
128: Dripping Into Death: 167
129: Between Reality and Hell: 168
130: Goodbye!: 169
131: Opposite Sides of the Sky: 170
132: Souls Mate: 171
133: The Outline of My Lover: 172



Passion And Pain (click

It's time to weed the garden!


 Author JJ Johnson was born  in 1963 and raised in Gloversville, NY and later moved with his family to Schenectady in 1979. After graduating from Linton High School in 1981, he attended DeVry Technical Institute and Schenectady County Community College from 1981-1984. JJ was a Teacher’s Aide in English at Schenectady High, formerly Linton High when he attended school there. Seeds and Weeds is his first collection of poetry and prose with another in the works titled Passion and Pain. He is an active participant in the local poetry community and hosted an open mic poetry reading for over two years at the Moon & River Cafe. 

 JJ has long been a peace and environmental activist and continues to speak out and attend events concerning these issues. His desire to help others continues to be a driving force in his life. Prior to having a stroke in February of 2012 he worked professionally with the physically and mentally disabled with BOCES, Northwoods at Hilltop and Living Resources. JJ was a mentor and Youth Division Aide for the NY State Office of Children and Family Services as well. Several of the poems in Seeds And Weeds were inspired by events that occurred while working in these positions. He is also a FCC licensed Technician class Amateur Radio Operator and has participated in numerous public service and emergency operations in this capacity.




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